2019 Voters Guide

2019 Voters Guide: At-large City Council Election

On February 26, 2019, Peorians will vote to narrow down 14 candidates to 10 candidates in the primary election. On April 2nd, Peorians will vote again in the general election for who will be the final (5) at-large City Council members. If elected, the decisions they make will decide if our city keeps being a place where we can predict the quality of schools, housing, and community programs based on the racial majority that lives in that neighborhood — or if we will change course towards building a city that works for all of us. This is why your voice at the polls is so important in our local elections.

The Peoria People’s Project circulated a questionnaire to all 14 candidates running in this election, to tell us where the candidates stand on issues related to public schools, employment, environment, race issues, and generating revenue for our city.   The aim of this candidate questionnaire is to help voters tell the difference between the candidates for at-large City Council seats.  These are all issues important to the Peoria People’s Project and our partners.

Each citizen gets five votes in the Peoria municipal elections. Here’s how it works:

Cumulative voting explanation:
You can vote for one, two, three, four OR five candidates. 
*If you vote for one (1) candidate he/she will receive FIVE votes
*If you vote for two (2) candidates they each receive 2 1/2 votes
*If you vote for three (3) candidates they each receive 1 2/3 votes
*If you vote for four (4) candidates they each receive 1 1/4 votes
*If you vote for five (5) candidates they each receive 1 vote

Candidates Questionnaires

  • Beth Akeson – Declined to participate
  • Sid Ruckriegel – No Response
  • Zach Olyer – No Response
  • John Kelly – No Response
  • James Golden – No Response
  • Kevin Sibley – No Response
  • Janice Lindsay – Declined to participate
  • Mary Hayes – Declined to participate
  • Branden Martin – Declined to participate

This is a non-partisan voter’s guide – presenting candidates’ views on a number of issues that are important to working families in Peoria. Our guide is to assist citizens in making an informed decision at the polls.